Plastic granulator
Plastic granulator
Plastic granulator
Plastic granulator
Plastic granulator
Plastic granulator

Plastic granulator

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Granulation machine, mixing granulation machine,

This machine applies Japan's advanced technology, the use of multi-knife rapid crushing, continuous stirring, mixing friction heating, rapid cooling contraction principle, plastic film, silk, belt, chip, soft plastic tube, foam, degradation and other waste and angle material caused by particles into reproduction, is the current type of plastic recycling and regeneration of the ideal equipment.

Main functions: 1, PVC, polypropylene, low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, linear low-density polyethylene and other soft plastic film, bags, silk, belt, sheet, pipe waste and lower foot material recovery, put into production.
2, the degradation of plastic film and angle material crushing, granulation recovery and reproduction.
3, chemical fiber materials (polyester, acrylic, acrylic, etc.) for crushing, opening and closing machine, granulation, put into re-production of waste wire treatment.
4, one machine multi-use. Alternative to mixers or dryers.

Key features:
A: Smashing, mixing, and coloring can be done at once
B: The machine covers a small area
C: The mechanical structure is simple and easy to operate
D: Blade clearance is adjustable and easy to change
E: High productivity and low energy consumption
F: Low temperature granulation, basically do not destroy the molecular structure of raw materials, do not damage physical properties

Main technical parameters: 1 machine barrel capacity 300L
2 Production capacity 200-300kg/h
3 Main motor power 37kw
4 Watering unit 90w
5 Heating power 1.5kw
6 The entire machine weighs 1200kg
7 Machine form factor 2000×1000×1400mm